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My name is Dr. Jessica Scher Lisa (known to most in my practice as "Dr. Lisa"), and I have been a licensed psychologist since 2010. I have a degree in Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in Children and Adolescents, from the Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology at the University of Hartford (2009). I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in 2010.

My clinical expertise in working with children and adolescents, specifically with diagnoses of Autism, began in 2000 when I first started working at the the Developmental Disabilities Institute (Young Autism Program). Through my clinical training I have also worked in inpatient, outpatient, and residential settings with various children, adolescents, and families, affected by a wide-array of diagnoses.

In my private practice I focus on providing both evaluations and therapy services. You can find more information on the services and clinical expertise I have to offer on the "Services" page of this website.

Aside from my practice, I am also a mother of three young children, which has provided me with an enhanced perspective on parenting issues and practical solutions to common emotional and behavioral difficulties at home.

At any time, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss your concerns and how I may be able to help.

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Presentation of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Females: Diagnostic Complexities and Implications for Clinicians


Challenging Weak Central Coherence: A Brief Exploration of Neurological Evidence from Visual Processing and Linguistic Studies in Autism Spectrum Disorder


Neuroscience and its Contribution to Neuroeducation for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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